Smart diet drinking can sound like an oxymoron, but these simple tips will help you learn how to enjoy a few cocktails without sabotaging your weight loss program. The facts in this article will equip you with the information you need to make smart diet drinking choices so that you can reach your weight loss goals without giving up social drinking. In this article, you’ll learn about the lowest calorie cocktails, one simple rule for smart diet drinking, and how alcohol can hinder, (or help!), your weight loss program. With these facts on alcohol and weight loss, you will be able to enjoy social drinking without worry, so read on!

What To Order
The right drinks for smart social drinking

To indulge in some smart diet drinking, it’s a good idea to get to know the alcohol facts about the calorie counts of different beverages. When it comes to social drinking and weight loss, a glass of wine can be your best friend. A 5 ounce glass of white or red wine averages just 100 calories, which makes it a smart diet drinking choice. Plus, because wine lends itself to sipping slowly, you’re likely to consume less ounces overall than if you opt for beer or a mixed drink in a social drinking setting, and that means weight loss success. If wine isn’t your speed, there are some mixed cocktails that are almost as great when it comes to smart diet drinking. A 3 ounce Cosmopolitan cocktail contains just 165 calories, which means you can have one or two without breaking your weight loss program. A Gin and Tonic is another low-cal choice for social drinking, with just 175 calories in an 8 ounce drink.

Make Every Second Drink A Glass Of Water
A smart rule for weight loss success

The best single rule for smart diet drinking is to make every second drink a glass of water. One reason why social drinking often leads to trouble for anyone on a weight loss program is that in a social drinking setting, it feels more comfortable to have a glass to sip from than to be empty-handed, and that often leads to overindulgence. However, if you alternate alcoholic beverages with water, you’ll drink half as much, and will stay in control enough to be able to make smart diet drinking choices, without having to feel empty-handed and awkward. Water is more than just a quick fix for social drinking scenarios; it’s also a great tool for weight loss in the long run, because it helps your system run at its peak. Plus, water will help prevent a hangover, which makes it a smart diet drinking choice for tonight as well as a smart choice for tomorrow!

How Alcohol Can Hinder Your Diet, And How It Can Help
Why drinking in moderation means more weight loss

Smart diet drinking choices are as much about how much you drink as they are about what you drink. The good news is that although drinking too much will stall your weight loss, occasional social drinking can actually help you reach your weight loss goals. No matter what beverage you choose, or how much water you sip, smart diet drinking is always about drinking in moderation, and here are the facts on why. Alcohol calories go through a different metabolic process than other kinds of calories. Whereas the calories you take on from a snack or a soda get digested slowly, alcohol speeds through your digestive system, demanding priority, and causing the fatty acids in your stomach, which would normally become metabolized by your liver into usable energy, to get pushed aside and turned into fat cells. In the short term, that means your weight loss slows down, and in the long term it means your liver will eventually suffer irreparable damage. However, although too much social drinking can lead to excess fat, light social drinking can actually speed up your weight loss. Studies suggest that having one drink per day helps reduce blood pressure and increase heart health, and the healthier your heart is, the better you’ll be able to handle stress. People who experience intense stress on a regular basis are statistically less likely to lose extra fat, so if you indulge in occasional social drinking, make smart diet drinking choices, and enjoy lower stress as a result, your weight loss program is much more likely to succeed than if you decide never to drink. With smart diet drinking choices, you can enjoy your favorite drinks in moderation, and look forward to achieving your weight loss goals.

Smart Diet Drinking Choices